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Underneath the zebra's stripy coat is shiny black skin.

A group of zebras is called a zeal.

Mosquitos do not eat zebras because they do not like the stripes.

A mother zebra will stay alone with her foal for 3 days so that it will recognise her smell and voice before returning to the zeal.

Zebra's stripes are as unique as snowflakes !

When the zebra is getting chased by a predator they will run in a zig zag pattern. 


Equus quagga


Zebras are herbivores.  They mostly eat grass but are also know to eat shrubs, herbs, twigs, and even bark. 


Zebras have a wide range across east and southern Africa.  They mostly live in treeless grassland and savanna woodlands.


The zebras main predators are lions and spotted hyenas, Nile crocodiles are also dangers when drinking at the water hole.

Cheetahs, African wild dogs and leopards also prey on zebras.

Fun fact!

Because lions are colour blind, the zebras stripes are useful for camouflage.  The zebras hang out together as a group so that they look like swaying grass.

Scientists think that zebras are one of the few animals that can see in colour.  I wonder how they figured that out?


The common zebra is about 6.6 - 8.5ft long (2 - 2.5m) they have a 20 inch tail and can weigh up to 350 kg.


Here is an African legend about why zebra has stripes.

I got my information from:

The African Wildlife Foundation website

My brother's animal book, 'Wildlife of the World' by DK; and 

the Defenders of Wildlife website.

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