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Balaenoptera borealis

 Sei whales are the third biggest whales the fin whales and the blue whales are the only bigger whales . The sea whales can get 19 m long and weigh 28 tones .


Sei whales are the fastest whales. They can go 38 kph but the sail fish can still go faster.

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Sei whales are baleen whales so they eat krill and zooplankton but they must eat 900 kg of plankton every day.  That's a lot of food!

Sei whales live in deep waters of subpolar and subtropical oceans and are rarely found in tropical waters .


Mating happens in subtropical waters. The sei whale's gestation takes 11-12 months. They stop drinking milk and start eating plankton as they grow up. Females give birth every 2-3 years and start becoming mothers at 8-10 years old .

not-so-fun fact

When a sailor caught a Sei whale he described the noise it made as a crying noise .


I got information from Wikipedia and the book "Whales Dolphins and Porpoises" by Harrison and Bryden.

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