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So where are we now?

Well, since we last spoke we've moved a fair bit. Most of it metaphorically...

After the all clear from Bob the hydraulics man on Tuesday last week we headed back out into Moreton Bay - and spent a couple of days sitting at Tangaloma again waiting for the weather to ease. We went for a snorkel, Johannes showed the kids how to use the micrscope, we checked out the dolphin education centre and did a few more jobs on board.

Early Friday morning we slipped anchor and headed north. The seas were about 1.5m which was plenty for me, but I did much better on the sea-sickness trials. A good night's sleep, less stress and eyes fixed on the horizon all help. And drugs obviously. As night approached we decided to pull into Rainbow Beach to anchor for the night. It was a bit of a roly night but come morning the swell was easing slightly so we headed off again.

The trip up the Fraser Island Coast was eventful with the sails up and some lovely sailing, followed by a small meltdown in the starboard engine when we started it back up again. All of us were feeling disheartened by ANOTHER thing that needed fixing when dolphins were spotted alongside us. We watched them dive and leap and play in the bow wave and were all suddenly uplifted again. We think they were Spinner Dolphins, and about an hour later we were surprised by another pod of larger, darker grey Bottlenose Dolphins. I'm not sure if we were watching them or they were watching us but it was a great way to spend the afternoon and we headed into our first night sail a happy crew.

It was the first time the kids and I had sailed overnight but they just ate their dinner and hopped into bed as usual. The four of us adults took turns on 2 hour watches and got through the night happily but instead of keeping on and arriving at Lady Musgrave Island we took a left and aimed for Bundaberg for repairs. We bid farewell to our trusty crew Dan and Johannes as they selfishly took their chef-ing skills back to their own family (Dan) and went in search of new Placazoa sample sites (Johannes).

And here we sit, waiting for repairs with new-found cruiser patience. We've used the week off to catch up on some rest, get to grips with home schooling, find treasure, visit Bundaberg (the Art Gallery was awesome with a great bag of activities for the kids), and Mon Repos Turtle Centre where the turtles nest and hatch over the summer months. There is treasure everywhere!

The mechanics are due on board on Monday and Tuesday and then hopefully we shall set sail again. But in the meantime we are learning to take the pace of life set for us by the weather and the vagaries of the boat. And slowing down is probably a big part of what this adventure is all about.

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