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Day One.

So it's been a pretty eventful fist day on board Wakanui. We headed out of the Brisbane River shortly after dawn having filled up with fuel and water at Rivergate Marina the night before. Harvey spotted dolphins before we had left the channel, the sun was shining and the stress of the last few says getting ready was starting to slip away.

Three of the EIGHT trolley loads of food and supplies we bought, and loaded onto the boat by car and dinghy.

Heading out under the Gateway Bridge.

Rivergate Marina at dawn.

We had a pretty fresh breeze and a small swell as we started across Moreton Bay. Things were going pretty well when the rudder alarm sounded. We had a bit of a leak of hydraulic fluid which Rowan and Andy managed to fix, but by this time I was down below being seasick so the details are sketchy for me.

Nero, the boat cat seems happy with life at sea.

We pulled into Moreton Island and had some lunch (well, the rest of the crew did) and decided to give the new sails a run in the bay, and see how the autopilot/hydraulic/rudder situation performed after the quick fix. The sails worked great, and it was wonderful to see the boat under sail after sitting in the river for so long. Rowan looked like he was back in his happy pace.

The sails are up!

However the decision was made that the rudder situation needed to be fixed properly before we head any further north. So we now sit anchored in Tangalooma, enjoying the first relaxed weekend in a long while, and we'll be heading back in to Brisbane tomorrow evening to be ready to get someone on board Monday morning to try and sort the problem out.

While we are all a little disappointed to have a bit of a false start, nature has it's way of easing the pain. The snorkelling on the wrecks today yielded many colourful fish and corals as well as a shark spotted by one of the crew. Last night there was phosphorescence in the water, shooting stars (thanks for the 'heads up' Jenni!), and this evening the sun is setting to the west and a rainbow sits right above us to the east.

Wakanui at the end of the rainbow.

I think we've had a perfect introduction to the life of cruising sailors. There are highs and lows, and sometimes things go wrong and plans need to change. But at the end of the day, we have a happy crew, we are safely anchored in a beautiful spot, and the sun will shine again tomorrow.

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