By Harvey

nile crocodiles

Crocodylus niloticus


Nile crocodiles are the second biggest reptile. The Nile crocodile can grow 6 m long and can weigh 400-800kg.  Only the Saltwater crocodile is bigger.


Nile crocodiles are the trash can of the river.  They eat nearly everything like zebras, cows, buffaloes, wildebeest, giraffes,  hippos and elephant's. Not much!.  The Nile crocodile will kill its prey by doing a death roll or drowning it.  They willl also do land attacks by running out of bushes at nearby animals.

Crocodiles have webbed feet, but only on their back feet.  Their front ones are not webbed.

Fun Fact
whats the Difference? 

There are two ways to tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator. When they have their mouth closed the crocodile shows teeth on both the bottom and the top, but the alligator only shows teeth from the top jaw.

Crocodiles have scales that are a bit like dorsal fins.  They help them steer when they are swimming.

Fun Fact

When crocodiles sunbathe you can find lots of them together.  The crocodiles open their mouths to let out the heat from their tongue.

I got my facts on Nile Crocodiles from Wikipedia and my favourite animal book.


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