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Sun fish

mola mola


Sun fish are the worlds largest bony fish.

Its average size is about 11ft (about 3.3m). Average adults are 247-1000kg. 


Sun fish only have 3 predators.

Sea Llions, killer whales and sharks. The sea lions rip both the fins off the fish then let it sink down to the bottom of the ocean to die.  Pretty mean huh?

Our friend Anton took this picture of a Sunfish in Bali.  He is a dive instructor in Indonesia and has loads of cool pictures on his Facebook page.

I got my information from Wikipedia and other internet searches - but I forgot to write them down!


The sun fish can produce more eggs than any other vertebrate.  It can produce up to 300,000,000 eggs at time ! When they are new born they have large pectoral fins, a tail fin and body spines. They lose these when they grow up.  Once they are slightly bigger the fry look like little puffer fish.   

The sun fish lives in tropical and temperate waters.  The fish needs to be in more than 10*c or it will die.  When the sun fish gets cold it will come up to the surface to sun bathe.  Thats where its name comes from. 


The sun fish mainly eats jelly fish but it also eats scallops, squids, small fish, fish larvae and eel grass.




When we crossed the equator everyone got fish names.  Mine was Melia Mola Mola.


Watch this episode of Octonauts to learn more about the sun fish.

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