By Harvey

Humpback whales

Megaptera novaeangliae

Humpback whales are one of the biggest whales. They can grow 16 meters long and weigh 25 tones.


Humpback whales eat some of the smallest things on earth called krill, but they also eat small fish.


We saw three humpback whales in Madagascar. They were very cool and they swam right under our dinghy.  We could see their shapes under the water.  It was super scary but it was also very awesome!


Humpback whales move 25000 km every year in big groups. When they reach warmer waters they mate and give birth. When the babies are big enough they all migrate back to the Antarctic where there is more krill for them to eat.

Humpback whales can be white. Watch this Octonauts video (below) if you don't believe me!

Humpback whales can not eat for a whole winter.

Humpback whales use a strategy to eat fish called a bubble net.

Humpback whales bubble nets can be 30 meters wide!

Fun facts!


Fun facts!

Bubble net fishing...

They dive down and blow lots of bubbles in a circle.


All the bubbles confuse the fish and they feel like they can't swim away.


The whales swim upwards with their mouths fully open and swallow all the fish.

Humpback whales are so cool the Octonauts made TWO movies about them!


I got my information from these books: and from Wikipedia.

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