Cheetahs are about 1.5 meters or 4-5 feet. Their body is built for speed it has a highly flexible spine and a narrow body but it is still pretty heavy.  It can weigh from 22 kg to 72 kg! In fact their tail is heavier than their spine.  

By melia

Acinonyx jubatus

Did you Know?

1.   Cheetahs are the fastest mammals in         the world! 

2.   They can reach 112km/h in just 3                 seconds!  That's faster  than a sports           car!

3.   Cheetahs can spot prey from 1 km               away!!

4.    There are only 7100 Cheetahs left in            the wild.

5.    Cheetahs have 2000 - 2500 spots !                                       

6.   Usain Bolt can run 100 meters in 10              seconds.

       Cheetahs can run 100 meters in 3                seconds.


Cheetahs live in deserts and grasslands.

They are found in south, north and east Africa but there is also a critically endangered population in Iran.  


Cheetahs are carnivores.  They like to eat rabbits, warthogs, gazelles, and birds. 

They will hunt at daytime to avoid lions and hyenas.  They will first target the prey and then with their super speed they will pounce on it, bite it on the throat to kill it.  

sun glasses

The black tear lines on the cheetahs face absorb some of the light and glare so they can see there prey more clearly at day time when they hunt.


Cheetahs have trouble breeding because many of the males are sterile.  It means they cannot make babies.  Experts think this is because there have been small populations of cheetahs in-breeding which causes genetic defects.

As well as this, the females are very picky when choosing a mate, and around 40-70% of cubs die before they grow up.  All this means cheetahs are in danger of becoming extinct.

I got my information from:

National Geographic Kids

We visited the Emdoneni Cheetah Project in South Africa and the staff there told us lots of information about the cheetahs and what they are trying to do to increase their numbers and release them into the wild.

There is some more detailed information at this website too:

This is me and Raine at the Emdoneni Cheetah Project and that is my Mum with 2 other cheetahs.  They were awesome.

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