By Harvey


Caracals are small cats. Much smaller than a lion but size isn't every thing. If they were the size of a lion, they would be much stronger because they have really big muscles for their size.  They are only 50 cm high but weigh 8-18kg.



When a caracal mates the female scares off other females that are near by.  They roll on the ground to make themselves attractive to the boys.  They mate all year round they don't have a mating season.  For a female to mate they must be 1 year old. They have 1-6 cubs and they leave mum at 10 months old.


Caracals eat lots of animals like antelope

or birds. They also eat other small animals like rodents. They are so good at catching birds they can catch them in mid air!


I got my information from my 'Wildlife of the World' book by DK;

Wikipedia; and 

from our visit to the Emdoneni Cheetah Project 

Fun facts

Did you know Caracal means dark ear in Turkish?


Caracals can jump 4 meters into the air


Caracals were trained to hunt birds by Persian and Indian royal families.


People used to think Caracals were the same as Lynx, but DNA testing showed that they were a whole different species of cat.


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