By Harvey

Blue Whales

Balaenoptera musculus


Blue whales are the biggest animal on earth they are 30 meters long they are also the heaviest with a hart weighing 900kg and blood veins that hold 10 tones of blood their hole body weight is 113 tones !

Blue whales are the biggest animal in the world so they must eat a lot of krill every day.

Blue whales live alone but they do some times swim in groups of around 5.


Sonar is a whale way of finding its way around. It works like this. So the whale makes a loud noise from its head and when it hits some thing it bounces back letting the whale know what it is .

The biggest blue whale was 33 meters long .

Blue whales blow spouts can be 10 meters high.

Blue whales blood veins are big enough for you to swim in .

Blue whales have the loudest call  on earth

fun facts

Here's an Octonauts video about blue whales.


I got my facts from my favourite animal book and Wikipedia.

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